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month of clarity.

The month of July is now underway, and I want to take this month to appreciate all that goes on.  To reflect on the positives, rather than dwell on the negatives.  So, each day, I will record the highlight of my day, something to be positive about. As the days pass and the list grows, I'm sure clarity will be a new element introduced into my day to day life.
July 1st - After a long day at work, I got to spend the night with my amazing boyfriend on a cute and cosy 'date' at the drive-in. July 2nd - Spending the night with my family, including my best friend and boyfriend made me thankful for the incredible people I do have in my life. Seeing my sister and boyfriend laugh together made my night.
July 3rd - A much needed afternoon with my mum and sister completed my day as I had missed going out with them for weekends so much.
July 4th - A surprise visit after work from my boyfriend made my 12 hour working day so much better. Not to mention my favourite chocolate bar he bough…