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miss you?

Who do you turn to when you have nobody to turn to? Lately, I’ve found myself drifting. Trying, trying, trying, but drifting. My friends and I all made a pact before finishing highschool that we would keep in contact and be friends forever, but lately that idea seems to be becoming more and more of a distant memory. I totally get that people have uni to attend, jobs to work and sports to play, but what I don’t get is not having one spare hour to meet up and chat. Or five spare minutes to send a text to see how you are. It does get frustrating, because I sometimes feel as though I am making more of an effort than others. I’m always the one texting ‘Hey haven’t spoken in a while, how are you?’ or inviting ‘Dinner whenever anyone’s free next week?’ and it constantly seems like too much of an effort, like I’m being a hassle to them. I don’t go to uni right now, so I don’t get that interaction with each other that they get. The only person I really get to see from highschool regularly is my…

snapshot of appreciation.

That moment. That clarity. That appreciation. It hit me recently. In life, time is crucial. You don’t get a lot of it, and the time you do get needs to be spent wisely. Surrounded by the people you love, by the people who love you. I’ve learnt that wasting time on things that really don’t deserve all that time and attention is juvenile, it’s unnecessary. I’ve learnt that if someone’s worth your time, then they should also make the effort. But most of all, I’ve learnt to appreciate what I have now. It’s become apparent to me that worrying about the future or being apprehensive is no good. For the most part, I refer to this in regards to relationships. Being scared that you’re going to lose that person and holding back, is what’s going to make you lose them in the end. Being afraid they may harm you, is only harming yourself. Funny, isn’t it? The things we are afraid of them doing are really what we are already doing to ourselves. I watched a movie recently, where the character learnt that…