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Please tell me.

Please tell me.
What do you do when your whole world is falling apart?
When you're just getting hit, after hit, after hit.

When your family member expresses their hatred for you?
When the one person you're in love with does the same?
When you've physically got nobody to turn to?

Please tell me. What are you meant to do?

How can I stop these tears from falling?
How can I stop this constant lump in my throat?

There's only so long that you can hide behind a smile.
My days for that are numbered.

3 years later...

My last post was titled 'Here's to 2014!' which, upon re-opening my blog, blew my mind. Where have 3 years gone? But at the same time, a lot has happened. Let me update you.

Basically, since then, I have finished uni, I have gained full time employment as a teacher, I have celebrated 6 and a half years with my boyfriend and I have been on multiple trips. But here I am, still the same old me. A little older, sure. Wiser? You could say that. But at the end of the day, I'm the same curious-minded girl I've always been!

You might be wondering why all of a sudden I've come back to writing. The truth is, I never stopped. The 'notes' application on your iPhone is a wonderful thing. But I'm ready now for my thoughts to be out there again.

There's a lot going on in my life at the moment. Between navigating the world of full time teaching, maintaining a social life as a 23 year old and hanging onto my relationship for dear life, my mind is constantly raci…