month of clarity.

The month of July is now underway, and I want to take this month to appreciate all that goes on. 
To reflect on the positives, rather than dwell on the negatives. 
So, each day, I will record the highlight of my day, something to be positive about. As the days pass and the list grows, I'm sure clarity will be a new element introduced into my day to day life.

July 1st - After a long day at work, I got to spend the night with my amazing boyfriend on a cute and cosy 'date' at the drive-in.
July 2nd - Spending the night with my family, including my best friend and boyfriend made me thankful for the incredible people I do have in my life. Seeing my sister and boyfriend laugh together made my night.
July 3rd - A much needed afternoon with my mum and sister completed my day as I had missed going out with them for weekends so much.
July 4th - A surprise visit after work from my boyfriend made my 12 hour working day so much better. Not to mention my favourite chocolate bar he bought me. 
July 5th - Being chafuerred around all day, to work, to Highpoint, to get icecream, was great.
July 6th - Celebrated 23 months of something amazing. The best part was seeing a shooting star and not even having to wish on it.
July 7th - A night out at the circus with a few people I love put a smile on my face and gave me something to look forward to.
July 8th - One of the first nights I spent just lazying around at home after work. Felt good to have nowhere I needed to be but home.
July 9th - I love nothing more than a quiet night in, with a DVD and some snacks.
July 10th - Nothing better than giving yourself some time to shop for yourself.
July 11th - An extremely long 12 hour day at work, but one that ended positively with two whole days off to look forward to!
July 12th - After a long reflection, finally quit a job that was a little too rigid for my liking. Very empowering feeling.
July 13th - A special day out with my favourite person in the entire world made my day a lot brighter. With the celebrations continuing into the night, I felt so happy to have been there this year after missing the previous year. This date on the calendar will be important to me forever.
July 14th - First weekend off in seven months felt great and celebrating my boy once again was an even better feeling! Ending the night with sickness was a downside but also an eye opener as to how much of a lucky girl I am.
July 15th - Spent the day watching movies with my family for the first time on a weekend in months. Didn't realise how much I had missed that feeling until today.
July 16th - Had dinner cooked for me at my boyfriends and a quiet night in.. Consolidated to me that I could have nights like that forever.
July 17th - At the end of the day I realised that when it's just him and I, I literally am worry free, which is quite a rarity for me.
July 18th - A long overdue sleepover with my best friend was the perfect ending to my day.
July 19th - Spent some time assessing my future. Putting a positive spin on the indecisiveness of myself, I say, at least I'm open to plenty of options!
July 20th - One word, perfect. Perfect date with the perfect boy. No better feeling than hearing someone special say you look pretty or that they can't imagine life without you. You see it written all the time, but in person is a whole other level.

Lesson #1: The dictionary defines family as:
Family: [n] a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children.
Growing up, that's what I had always believed. Family was my parents and my sister. But I learnt so far this month that it's much more than that. It's those people in your life that you love unconditionally, whether they're related by blood or not. My best friend, my boyfriend, a few others, they're family. And there's nothing in this world more important than family.

Lesson #2: Who am I living for?
If your answer to this was 'me', then you know its time to do what makes you happy. Myself, I find it difficult to say no to people, I am constantly thinking of what the consequences for them will be, rather than putting myself first and doing what makes me happy. I learnt this month that I'm only going to be young once, so I need to make the most of it. I don't want to spend every weekend cooped up in an office, I want to spend time with family and friends and enjoy life. The money might be good, but what's sacrificed isn't worth it. Big lesson learnt.

Lesson #3: Sometimes the best things result from the worst things.
Vomiting endlessly is not a positive thing, at all. I learnt this the hard way a few nights ago. But, from this negative experience, I also learnt something else. I learnt that sometimes some really good things can come out of something not so good. That night, I truly and honestly felt such love from my boyfriend. We weren't kissing (he would not have gone there with me in that state haha), we weren't hugging, we were barely even speaking, but the love I felt was more present than ever. He cared for me all night, despite my un-appealing mess of self that I was, he loved me and was 100% there for me. Lesson learnt, never underestimate the power of a bad situation to bring out the best.

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