that's how I know.

Forever is a long time.
A really, really, really, realllly long time.
Like, your whole life.
And I’m not sure of much very often.
But I am sure of one thing.
I want to spend my forever with him.
You know those moments where you just know?
This is one of them.
Something just clicks.
Every moment spent with him is great.
No matter what we are doing.
That’s how I know.
Every time he smiles at me my heart flips.
That’s how I know. 
If it's me and him, nothing else matters.
That's how I know.
I would do anything to ensure his happiness.
That’s how I know.
Time not spent with him feels like time wasted.
That’s how I know.
When I see my future, I can’t see it without him in it.
That is how I really know.
Forever and always,
And that’s a promise.
    - xx - 


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