buckle up and enjoy the ride.

As I’m sitting here today watching the rain drizzle down outside my window, it allows me a brief moment to sit and reflect. A moment to step away from the busy lifestyle we all lead to take some time to ourselves to do some thinking.
I can’t help but be symbolic, and see the occasional rainfall likewise to the occasional downfalls I may have in life. They’re there, they’re present for sure, but you have to keep positive and keep remembering that at the end of a storm, comes a rainbow.
You won’t always be stuck in a rut, you won’t always be feeling negative or down. Soon enough, the rain will stop, and the storm will end, and you will be graced by some beautiful sunshine. It is these times in life we need to hold onto.
I urge everyone to sit and reflect on what it is they are grateful for in life, rather than to dwell on those things that make them feel like they’re the latest star on Days of Our Lives. It’s important to do that now, to take that time out and realize what’s important, rather than when the credits start to roll and its too late.
You might be thankful for your family, your friends, your relationship, your job, your hobbies, the opportunities you’ve had, but one thing’s for sure; there are many more great things to come your way.
So, keep smiling, keep optimistic and don’t forget that when one door closes another opens.  
Life is a beautiful thing.
I understand you’re scared, scared of losing what you have or scared of not getting what you need. But life’s a bit like a rollercoaster. You’re scared to death but you go on it anyway for the thrill because you know that at the end of the rollercoaster you will be okay and you will have enjoyed yourself. That’s life, so make the most of it. You will be scared, but at the end of the journey you will be okay. So buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

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